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Temporary place for some gaming Info

Generate Bounty: 1D6=1

[Aug 26 16:47]:WS 4
BS 4+
Str 4
DD 2
T 4
Wounds 14
In 5
Attacks 2
Abilities 3

[Aug 26 16:48]:3 rolls on the Equipment table (per "1 D=3 6") result

[Aug 26 16:48]:1D6=4 1D6=1 1D6=3

[Aug 26 16:49]:1D6=6 Armour
1D6=1 Hand-to-Hand
1D6=1 Missile weapon

[Aug 26 16:50]:Plate Armour
-1 Movement, +4 Toughness
normal Sword
normal Bow (str 3)

[Aug 26 16:50]:Three Abilities: D66=25 D66=35 D66=63

[Aug 26 16:53]:Partner.
The Outlaw is accompanied by his partner in crime. Roll another Outlaw, they will both be found together.

The Outlaw is accompanied by his band of D6=2 henchmen. These Henchmen have the profile shown on the Outlaw table, and act as Guards for the Outlaw. See the Bestiary section of the Warhammer Quest Roleplay Book for details of Guards.

Protection Ring: does not say how to determine the value. So, 1D6=4

[Aug 26 16:54]:Say it gives him +2 Toughness

[Aug 26 16:55]:Just use the nearest Henchmen/Minions table for his guards! BUT, only TWO of them!

[Aug 26 16:57]:name D66=43
nickname D66=12

[Aug 26 16:59]:CRIMES:

[Aug 26 17:00]:SEVEN CRIMES
D66=61 D66=33 D66=15 D66=13 D66=33 D66=15 D66=62

[Aug 26 17:04]:CRIMES : Wanted Points : Bounty Value
2 counts of Treason: 8 : 3000
2 counts of Slave Trading: 2 : 400
1 Murder ( 1D6=2 ) :
1 Sedition : 1 : 150
1 Sorcery : 2 : 500

[Aug 26 17:06]:Murder of a Peasant: 0 : 250

Total Bounty: 4300 gold
Total Wanted Points: 13
Wanted: Dead!

Old Warrior

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God bless you, everyone!
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