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The Plot Thickens

This is a game idea I have for a private gaming community. I am temporarily posting it here to help someone who is unable to visit the private forum at that site.


My first post in that forum:

Based upon a game that I will not name here -- to keep the plot line secret, I have an idea for some Warriors to have a remarkable adventure!

Your characters will start out in a city... There will be magic, common foes, sorcerers, monsters, greenskins, and more....

There will be mystery, puzzling things, good guys, bad guys, and powerful villains...

Your party will be able to roam about, but will also have specific goals to accomplish.

Characters needed:

Two Wizards or spell casters. They should be able to heal -- at least a little. emoticon For example, an Elf Ranger and a Wizard, or A High Priest (Light Mage) and a normal Wizard, or a Jade Wizard (I really like this idea) and a Wizard's Apprentice.

One priest: Warrior Priest, Priest of Morr, or Priest of Mannan, or even a Sister of Sigmar! (preferably taking the path of Healer) -- sorry, but no Priestess of Shallya this time.

Two fighters -- preferably one that can wear heavy armour (Barbarian, Empire Soldier, knight of some sort, BUT NOT a Bretonnian Knight), and one that can use light to moderate armour (Imperial Noble would be great! or Outlaw, or Alehouse Thug...); also, at least one of these should be good to excellent at fighting with some sort of blade (sword or similar). Swordplay is important! emoticon

You will notice there is the possibility of five characters listed here. A fifth will be controlled by the GM -- and/or by the other players (taking turns maybe?). The NPC/fifth character will be one of the spell casters OR the priest.


My second post, responding to a couple members:

DL, your idea for Divine Knight fits very well with this game I think.

This game will NOT be a big rules project like some of my more recent things! It majors on a certain type of story -- sort of a campaign story with several related scenarios/adventures all tied up in the big picture, and with several little twists and turns along the way.

I think the Wizard's Apprentice still needs its revision, but we can do that within the game too! The Wiz Apprentice would be an excellent choice as would the Jade Wizard.

To confirm, yes, I intend that each player will have one main character to play, but I might let one or more players control the fifth character.


My third post:

There will not always be a fifth character. There might be two or three characters in certain parts of the story -- or two or three in each of two parts of the story which are happening concurrently -- depends on how I develop it. I am not too particular about who will control an extra character.

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