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Warhammer-Quest-A-Pedia Feedback

Since more than one person has expressed that they tried to add to the Warhammer-Quest-A-Pedia wiki hosted on my OW Stronghold site, I am opening this topic as a place to post your comments, suggests and etc. related to the Warhammer-Quest-A-Pedia wiki page.

Yes, I know it would be nice if you could just edit it online, but I cannot even do that. This particular wiki file is edited offline. Then I upload it so the updates will appear -- just like all my Stronghold pages.

If you wish to 'donate' some text explaining things in Warhammer Quest, some tactic ideas, or whatever, feel free to post that here. Ultimately I will decide, but I don't mind letting others contribute. Unless otherwise specified, I would give credit to your Runbaord ID for any contributions.

Old Warrior

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