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Old Warrior's Online Warhammer Quest Gaming Tips

The first tips have to do with helping to speed up the games here. Of course, sometimes there is nothing the players can do but to wait for the Old Warrior to update the game(s).

Tips for Speeding the Game Along

If you guys want to try to keep the game moving more quickly (totally optional -- don't feel under pressure to do this), you can do at least a couple things. Some of you have already been doing some of these things in other games (maybe one or two instances of them here in this game).

1. Early Orders (both require logging in and checking on the game when not having received a turn notification - email from OW emoticon )

a. Early Non-Combat Orders -- (mostly movement, but other actions may be included as well -- such as initiative tests, exploration and any non-combat skills and/or spells).

b. Early Combat Orders -- (for advanced users or those aspiring to be so -- lol) This one is much trickier, because it requires that the next player (and the next, etc.) is fairly certain that the previous player(s) was accurate in his combat orders for the turn and in the interpretation of any damage done to the monsters. Any attempting to do this (especially beyond the first one in a turn) can expect some possible confusion due to the fact that the map will not reflect any damage since the last time the GM updated the game.

2. Anticipate the Reaction Phase (or Early Reaction Phase Orders) (especially applies to healer types) -- Basically, this just means that a healer usually has an idea that his/her services may be needed. In which case, the player could at times give an order to heal even before the Monster Phase has been processed by the GM (OW). However, this can even be trickier than early combat orders at times. See note below.

NOTE: Conditional orders are also in order. emoticon

Example (Anticipating the Reaction Phase Example as well): What I mean is that a healer for instance might say (with a current power of 5), "If no one is on zero wounds I will cast the Life Bringer spell upon the two most-wounded warriors; if one warrior is on zero wounds, I will cast Heal Wounds on that one; and, if two or more warriors are on zero wounds, I will cast Healing Hands two times."

This was a complicated example for the purpose of illustration.

Another example of conditional orders: The last warrior in the party (say a Warrior Priest) -- the player submits an early move order: "If the NE corner of the room is available I will move there, if it isn't I will move to the most-sheltered postion adjacent to as many warriors as possible." (Presumably to save lives with his Ring of Jade)

Super Important Note: Just remember that if things get confused by trying the above tips, it is likely Old Warrior's fault! lol emoticon AND, even if everyone gives their orders early, the game may have to wait up to 24 hours (hopefully no longer than that) for Old Warrior to have time to update the game.

Old Warrior

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