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Descent: Journey into Darkness

So, last friday I got together with some friends to play the new dungeoncrawl boardgame: Descent: Journey into Darkness.

The game is fun and it looks really great, it comes with a load of plastic figurines and many, many cards, counters, heroes, treasure and spells.
I played a wizard and my friends had a thief/healer, a rogue/warrior and a fighter. My wizard, athough the weakest of the group, kicked the most monster behinds and we flawlessly won the game.

However, you should not abandon WHQ, its still the best dungeoncrawler out there. Descent simply cannot compete with the detail, simple rules and campaign rules of WHQ. The fact that Descent utterly lacks decent campaign rules makes that WHQ will keep on being the king of dungeoncrawlers, at least for now.

Descent looks very pleasing to the eye though emoticon And it's ideal for a one night dungeon - bash emoticon

Just FYI emoticon

Anyone else played this game?
3/Sep/2007, 6:12 am Link to this post Send Email to Cutlass   Send PM to Cutlass

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