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Registered: 04-2006
Location: USA, Western hemisphere, earth
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Old Warrior's New Stronghold? (home)

Fellow gamers,

I shall likely become quite busy within the next two to three months. Wife and I are needing to move and are looking at buying a house. We may be able to start the official proceedings within the next two to three days. Anyway, this whole thing will require a lot of packing and etc.... We will continue to work at our places of employment full-time during the move.

So... if I seem slower than usual at updating the games, then you will know the likely reason. Thank you in advance for your patience.

Old Warrior

Check out Bible Notes
It is one of my favorite places on the Internet.
God bless you, everyone!
27/Aug/2007, 5:44 am Link to this post Send Email to OldWarrior   Send PM to OldWarrior Blog
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Registered: 12-2005
Posts: 1096
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Re: Old Warrior's New Stronghold? (home)

Ah, moving. If you need some assistance I highly recommend using your local Necromancy Guild, their skeletons are able to work night and day on minimal wages and with no complaints. If you can stand the smell, their zombies usually come at a discount.
If you plan refurnishing your keep, contact Blackguard's Devillish Traps and Fiendish Pits, 126 Cutthroat Alley, Kislev. They have an insurance program should heroes discover and loot your treasure hold. ;-)

Seriously, good luck with the moving emoticon
3/Sep/2007, 5:37 am Link to this post Send Email to Cutlass   Send PM to Cutlass

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