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posticon Online Game Ideas List -- with Conclusions


Online Game Ideas List

Changing Equipment (page 4)

Death & Unconsciousness (pages 1, 3, 4)
Conclusion on Death of Warrior: End of turn (at least for solo games, maybe for all)

Ending an Adventure -- Exit Door (or tile) (pages 3, 4)
Conclusion on the "Exit Door": placed at the entrance of the dungeon, possible to be triggered by some event(s), and triggered by Completed Objectives in many Adventures.

End of Combat (pages 6)

Escape Table (pages 6)

Gold from Monster Kills (pages 6)

Luck (pages 4, 5)
Conclusion on Luck: Re-roll of warrior's dice roll only -- for ease of coding.

Phases of a Turn (page 2)

Play-testing Volunteers (page 1)

Saving Games & Loss of Connection (page 1, 2, 5)

Size of Tiles and Warrior & Monster Images (pages 4, 5)

Tool Tips -- Warrior and Mosnter info (pages 4, 5)

Trading Treasure, Equipment, and Gold: (Page 5)

Warrior Images (pages 4, 5)

Webquest Interface & Images (pages 2, 3, 4)

Notes: conclusions are not necessarily final (though many may be). This topic is only a guide for all who are participating in or who are reading the Warhammer Quest Online Game topic.

Page numbers are clickable (navigation links).

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