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Poll results (voting closed)
ALL Jump Menus Should open in the SAME Window (replaces current viewed page).
0 votes
ALL Jump Menus Should Open in NEW Windows.
4 votes
ONLY Old Warrior's Stronghold Menu Should Open in a NEW Window.
0 votes
ONLY Character Sheet Menus Should Open in NEWWindows.
0 votes
ONLY the Game Menu Should Open in a NEW Window.
0 votes
ONLY Old Warrior's Stronghold Menu Should Open in a in the SAME Window.
0 votes
ONLY Character Sheet Menus Should Open in the SAME Window.
0 votes
ONLY the Game Menu Should Open in the SAME Window.
2 votes
Total: 6 voters.  Total votes: 6.  Max items per vote allowed: 1.
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posticon New Window(s) or the Same Window? (Please Vote)

{Latetest EDIT (13th of Dec.): I manually gave membership to this forum to all existing WQ players here (I think) so that you don't need to post a message before voting.}

Okay, faithful WQ players. I would like your opinion as to whether or not certain, or even all, jump menu items should open in new windows. The alternative is that they will open in the same window.

This issue might matter in the middle of giving your orders, for instance, or when one might be jumping around just reading here and there.

Currently, I have the Character Sheet & the Stronghold jump menus set to open in a new window. The Game jump menu found at the bottom of the message board (left) is set to open in the same window.

Same Window Open means that whatever page you are currently viewing will be replaced by the new selection (destination page).

New Window Open means that the new selection (destination) will open in a new window, keeping open in the current window whatever page you were already viewing.

Everyone (especially Aecrylis, Cutlass, Eldrith, Grogling, Starfighter, SpinningDice, & OW) please vote, since I want this message board to be the most comfortable to the greatest number of WQ players. Each message board member may vote only one time. If you have more than one ID, please still only vote once.

I want to emphasize that I would like everyone's vote. I may wait to vote myself until all the others are in. That way I can be the tie-breaker if one is needed.

{EDIT: Magnus is voting for the last option as a dummy vote, just so OW can see the results before casting his vote. So, please disregard that one vote when viewing the results.} emoticon

There are several choices, but the last six are very specific, as in "only this menu should open in a new window" and etc... You may only choose one option, so please be sure it is what you want. You may see the results so far only after you vote. You may also return to see the results later, after more votes are in.

Note: if for some reason you are not allowed to vote, you should post a reply to this topic first and that should allow you to do so.

EDIT: Voting will be closed whenever OW thinks that all who are going to vote have voted. emoticon Which translates into one to two weeks at most (most likely).

EDIT (again): It appears that even OW, the God of Machinations, must vote before he can see the results. But, I will outwit the system, because I want to reserve my final vote for a tie-breaker if needed. Therefore, I will sign in as Magnus and vote for the last option -- which vote will be disregarded.

EDIT (once again): I have noticed that when I click on a Character Sheet item, it opens in a new window, but, when I click on another character sheet item from that window, it then opens in the same window (the second open window). This happens both in Firefox and IE.

EDIT (14th of Dec.): Since four people have all voted for the same choice -- which likely fixes the outcome, with only one non-OW vote still out -- I will now cast my vote. Please remember that one vote for the last option does not count, since I voted as Magnus to be able to see the results.

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